Special Interest Groups

DPA Virtual Special Interest Groups (VSIGs)

In years past, DPA had a number of active Special Interest Groups (SIGs). The key players who were instrumental in forming these groups are listed below, and DPA plans to reach out to these and other members in the coming months to determine whether or not it would be worthwhile to "Recharge" the physical meetings for these groups. Given the logistical difficulties in planning and attending physical group meetings, for now, DPA will leverage the power of our new website, creating "Virtual SIGs" using forums and mailing lists. It is our hope that these resources will reignite SIG activity and allow SIGs to develop physical meetings if so desired!

Past SIG Contributors

Special Interest Group Coordinator
Alan Frol, PhD

Child and Adolescent Treatment
Barbara Rila, PhD

John Hoper, PhD
Cynthia Galt, PhD

General Clinical Peer Consultation
Alice Draving, PhD

Gregory Simonsen, PhD

Lane Ogden, PhD

Psychology and Spirituality
Norm Bouffard, PhD