Student Representatives

Sarah Watts

Hi my name is Sarah Watts and I am the DPA Student Representative for Argosy University. I have a Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Argosy, where I am also currently pursuing a PsyD in Clinical Psychology. My current research interests include the relationships between cognitive dispositions, such as locus of control, sociocultural internalization of the thin ideal in the media, body dissatisfaction, and social physique anxiety. I have completed one year of practicum at the Counseling and Diagnostic Center where my primary exposure was assessment and diagnosis with a diverse population. Currently, I am completing a practicum placement at the Irving Family Advocacy Center with a primary focus on intervention with adults, children, couples, and families. I am also a Teaching Assistant at Argosy for the Cognitive and Projective Assessment classes. When I have the illusion of spare time outside of my graduate studies, I teach ballet, tap, and jazz to a variety of ages and have a dedicated yoga practice. My goals for the future include the provision of assessment and intervention services in a holistic private practice setting. My role as Student Representative is to act as a liaison between DPA and students at Argosy or elsewhere.

I am thankful for my personal networking and mentoring opportunities and hope to foster greater student involvement in DPA and the community with these goals in mind. Pursuing lifelong education and training is incumbent upon us as future professionals and I hope to help plant and encourage the seeds of this process in new students and renew them in seasoned ones. Membership and participation in professional organizations and attending workshops within the community provide opportunities to stay updated on current research, as well as network with early career and established psychologists. I hope to extend these opportunities to a greater audience by increasing student membership and participation in DPA.


Ben Lippe

Ben, Lippe, MS, currently attends the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas and is a student in the clinical psychology program. His current research and clinical interests include outcomes tracking and clinical health psychology. Ben's future plans for internship, postdoc, practice, etc. include internship on the consult liaison psychiatry service at Parkland Health and Hospital System. Ben's hobbies and personal interests include eating, sleeping, exercise, and psychology.

What you want student members to understand about your work with or goals for DPA in terms of students/interns/postdocs: As a Student Representative, part of my responsibility is to help inform students of benefits, opportunities, and information about DPA. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding any aspect of DPA or its functions for students and psychologists.


Katie Croft

Katie Croft has a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology and is currently a 4th year doctoral student of Clinical Psychology at Southern Methodist University. Her research area primarily involves normal memory function. Current investigations are on tip-of-the-tongue experiences and déjà vu. Her clinical interests include neuropsychology and anxiety disorders, and future internship and career interests include psychotherapy and neuropsychology with geriatric populations. Outside of graduate work, Katie enjoys cooking, gardening, and creating mosaics.

As a DPA student representative for SMU, her goals are to increase student involvement in mentoring and educational opportunities and help foster relationships between community professionals and students.


 Carly Heffel, MS, is currently in her 4th year of the Counseling Psychology doctoral program at the University of North Texas. Her research interests include attachment behaviors in romantic relationships and social relationships as protective factors following negative life events. Carly is passionate about working with children and families and is currently completing her externship at a small independent school district doing individual therapy with children and adolescents. Ideally, Carly would like to continue providing psychological services to children and families for her internship and over the course of her career. Outside of coursework, Carly enjoys cooking, travelling, practicing yoga, and occasional retail therapy.

The professional community of Dallas is a valuable resource for students early in their psychological careers. As a student representative for DPA, Carly hopes to help connect the psychological community of Dallas with the students at the University of North Texas.